Merch (mostly plush) Wants

Just a permanent list for all the plush I'd like to own someday :) I'll cross these off/delete them as I get them!  Currently divided into "can afford for a good deal" IE General Wants and "grails that I can't possibly afford right now but maybe when I have a job I'll buy that instead of a car or going on vacation" IE Grails and Holy Grails

I'll post a price range I'm looking for for each plush but keep in mind that I don't have the funds for any of my Holy Grails yet, haha.  If you'd be willing to wait a few years for me to make up the money then shoot, you have my eternal gratitude - but I don't have the money as of current ;^;

Also, I can haggle with prices from my General Wants!  Prices are in USD and for MWTTO on average.  Ranges are listed depending on condition.  I am always okay with TTO otherwise Mint plush, and in fact I prefer them with older stuff since tagged plush can be so expensive.  For lesser condition plush, I'm still interested but I'll be pickier;

General Wants:

Any Corphish plush
Price: $10 - $20 used, $30+ NWT
(Not including pokedoll corphish for a reason; please see "Grails" for pricing on him)

Any Shiny Kid Figures, but primarily Shiny Corphish and Shiny Snivy
Price: Uhhhh idk what these go for, but like $5 - $10 for Corphish or Snivy (others may be a bit lower)
(Will totally buy in bulk/with other kid figures if you have some you don't need!)

Spyro Kellytoy Plush (any)
Price: ~$20+ for bigger plush, lower for bad condition/smaller plush (the one pictured is my fave and the one I'd splurge for the most QAQ)

Reshiram Pokedoll (I just like the look of this one, will consider other versions!)
Price: ~$20 (more MWT, less if its a pokedoll I don't like as much)

POKEMON FIT PLUSH - miscellaneous mons
High Priority Price: $20 + shipping for MWT
Low Priority Price: $15 + shipping for MWT (Kangaskhan may be an exception and go for higher)
(Most of my prices don't include a few dollars shipping, IE a standard rate of $4ish, but I may be willing to pay more shipping for these guys since they're imports.  Just remember that they're only about $10 in japan!)

Pokemon Center Shiny Mimikyu Plush
Price: $20+ MWT

Koromon and Tsunomon Digimon Beanies
Price: $10+ depending upon condition ($10 for worn, much higher for good eyes/no stains/no wear TTO/worn TT but otherwise mint ofc)


Price: Really only looking to buy these in a lot with other ones I need, but feel free to contact me!

OTHER WANTS that I'm too lazy to post images for bc they're on my radar for buying on my own, but just still saving up for:
- Shiny Red Genesect plush
- Clauncher Pokedoll
- Trio of Lycanroc Pokedolls (SAME CONDITION)
- Pokemon Center Porygon figure
- Spyro POP Funko
- Digimon POP Funkos (all four)
- Digimon Squishables (any)
- NEW IN BOX Shiny Zygarde TCG box
- uhhh probably other stuff

Shiny Serperior and Reuniclus BW TCG Secret Rares
Price: depends HEAVILY on condition (I'll still buy played cards, but I won't overpay for one, sorry!)


Japanese Digimon Beanies
- Tanemon, Bukamon, Togemon, Monzaemon, Pixiemon, Frigimon, Laying Down Terriermon: >$100ish
- Garurumon, Flamedramon, Sitting Up Terriermon, Salamon: $100+
- Guilmon, Renamon, Calumon, Impmon, Digmon: $150ish
- Pegasusmon (not pictured), Halsemon (not pictured): holy shit*
- Veedramon: My soul but also Veedramon is a HOLY GRAIL of mine so check below for pricing!
- NOT LOOKING FOR: All english beanies (or if I am, see above "General Wants" section), Greymon unless it comes in a lot with another plush (I own a bootleg who I love to death, so while I'd love the official, I wouldn't mind just keeping my bootie either!)

* = I would sell you my soul just for an unwatermarked image of Halsemon that isn't from a now-nonexistent page so uh yeah.  There's a REASON they aren't pictured in this lot.

Here's them btw.  If you ever see Halsemon for sale, PLEASE let me know even if he is too expensive or the listing is already ended - I've literally never seen proof of him existing outside of comments and this one photo.  I don't doubt his existence (why would they make pegasusmon and not halsemon?) but I really wanna see more pictures of him QAQ.  Pegasusmon is better-documented but still hard to find.

Spheal and Corphish Pokedolls
Price: >$100

Shiny Legendary Dogs Pokedolls
Price: $150ish

Shiny Unova TOMY plush (EXCEPT SNIVY - Snivy is a holy grail)
Price: $100+


Porygon2 Pokedoll
Price: $200+ (i would prefer NOT MWT bc i cant afford that LOL)
(Porygon2 is my all-time fave pokemon and this is probably my all-time fave Pokemon plush....look how ROUND he is....I would kill for this plush)

Veedramon Beanie
Price: $200+ (i would prefer NOT MWT bc i cant afford that LOL)
(I don't know why, but this plush has always really spoken to me...I'd love nothing more than to own it someday)

Shiny Snivy TOMY Plush
Price: $200+
(My first in-game legit/non-event shiny was a Snivy I hatched randomly from an egg.  He came to me during a time that I really needed a positive mental boost, and despite hatching him in ORAS I've transferred him all the way to USUM so I can use it in my current playthrough.  I'm also a big fan of snakes, owning a pet snake myself, so I'm just.  A really big fan of shiny Snivy asdf)

Custom Plush Wants
Yes I can sew myself, but at what cost? These are plush I've determined that I wouldn't be able to sew properly at my current skill level; they just wouldn't look good in my style.  No price range because I don't feel comfortable haggling artists about their prices.  Please keep in mind that I cannot currently afford most artists' prices but if you'd like to give me a quote, I'd love for you to!

Standard-size Minky Shiny Reuniclus Plush:
Shiny Reuniclus is another really nostalgic shiny to me!  I'm thinking about something like this, however if the original artist and/or the commissioner are uncomfortable with me using this as a reference image PLEASE let me know - I think it's a really cute plush but I do NOT condone stealing other people's patterns ;A; so pls don't do that, this is just a good example of the porportions and interpretation I would like for my boy!!

Standard-size Minky Shiny Rufflet Plush:
I have a thing for shiny Unova Pokemon, huh?  It's special to me because I just thought it was neat and made the mistake of shiny hunting it.  Wasn't as big of a mistake as trying to get a shiny Reuniclus (nostalgia doesn't come from the core games, it came from an online Pokemon game) but still.  Anyways, I wish there was a softer Rufflet plush and I'd love a shiny one - so why not combine the two?  Pattern could be similar to the Tomy plush, but shiny and made of minky!  (I think the material used for the poof is cute and nice as well, but if you have a better idea I'm all ears bc that shit sheds like the dickens xD)

Other Shiny Snivy/Serperior, Rufflet/Braviary, and Solosis Line shiny merch:
Feel free to hmu if you have any reccomendations or suggestions or offers!